Have you done (or seen) any mini-craft projects using leftover tester pot emulsion paint? July 2014 Masonry paint works the best but there are fewer colours - more than there used to be though and you can get sample pots. I usually put them in the shed over winter but they still look good after a couple of years too. The Rock Paste adds the layer of texture. The black tends to shine through the paint if you stop at one coat. From what I’ve been able to discover, this shouldn’t have any negative impact on your plants. I repeated it all the way around the pot. supplies needed: Tommy Art DIYPaint – Rock Paste; Tommy Art gray coating – Dove Grey While painting these pots can be done inside, another project in process is painting the deck. yes emulsion paint your pots. A container garden of terracotta pots filled with bright and colourful flowers and foliage is a delightful sight on a deck or a patio. 11 Tips For Storing Water-Based Paint In Plastic Containers. When you paint your pots, especially if you paint the inside, you may have some paint seepage. Again, you will need 2 coats (like the pot on the left) to stop the black from showing through (like the pot on the right). You can air cure it, but it usually takes 21 days, and that’s what you would need to do if painting on plastic. Emulsion on plastic = run-off and little adhesion. Especially if the planters have been sitting in the garage attic all winter, … Vary the amount of paint you pick up in your brush so that some of the drips go all the way to the bottom and some stop half way down the pot. Wipe down any dirt or dust. Hold the can 8 to 12 inches away from the pot and begin spraying using fast, sweeping motions. “Every day is ordinary, until it isn't.” - Bernard Cornwell-Death of Kings, I think you might need to prime them, or sand them,  first. That upper gold band was looking too broad, bare and boring, so I thought I’d add some lace. Paint a pattern or design onto the plastic pot using the acrylic paint. Painting plastic and getting the paint to stay can be challenging. Filed Under: Container Gardens Tagged With: painting plastic pots, plastic garden pots. As for the pots themselves, the ones I have here tell me they’re polypropylene – plastic number 5 – which can be recycled but isn’t collected everywhere yet. It comes in a wide variety of colors—twice as many as several other brands of its caliber. The extra paint comes off the brush and drips down the side of the pot. And yet it took some time and patience, because I had to wait between each coat for the paint to dry well. Any DIY that you would like me to try out on the blog? When you paint terracotta pots with acrylic paint, you can make them explode with colour and design, befitting the splendour growing inside them. Perhaps a bit of research may come up with a more satisfactory solution. I've used ordinary emulsion with a layer of PVA glue on first to seal the terracotta, but it does wear off after a few years with exposure to lots of rain. I have also painted terracotta pots in the past with emulsion paint. 4 Answers. I thought it would make so much more sense to be able to upgrade them than invest in new ones. Painting plastic pots is that easy. Spray the inner rim of the pot, ensuring the paint goes deeper than the soil line. I loved the end result, so thought I’d share it with you here. In my experience, none of the above would have durability on plastic pots/planters. My Mum painted some old pots with normal emulsion paint. Paint flowers or geometric shapes onto the pots or simply add swirls of assorted colors to decorate the plastic pots. The ones the kids did at the school fair were done with normal emulsion (and I think some gloss) paint and have lasted several years outside so if I do them again I'll be using tester pots of paint. But, especially when I keep plants indoors, I’d rather display them in something prettier than plain, black and brown plastic pots. eventually it does start to flake. I think they’re looking better because of the planters! What paint can I use to paint plastic( flower pots ). Tap the sponge into the paint and then tap it onto the newspaper before applying it to the pot. Let me know, and I’ll do my best to give it a shot! Your pretty pots are ready and you can proudly display them on your living room side tables or wherever you please. Nothing edible and the paint is only on the outside anyway. I gave the pots a quick rub first with rough sandpaper. Also, is there a particular DIY you are looking to do? Allow to dry for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the paint is no longer sticky. This blends the paint into the sponge. So I used masking tape to make a border where I wanted the gold paint to end. And here’s how to paint terracotta pots Step 1: Prep the pot. You can get to know me here…, Painting Plastic Pots: How To Jazz Up Your Planters, Last day of work… So looking forward to the brea, An #ARIYONAbeforeafter from our Almost Blue Living, This beautiful guest room from our Blue Door Proje, An #ARIYONAbeforeafter from our little girl’s pi, And we do have a winner! You’re right.. putting them in prettier pots make the plants look better too! Leave the pots to dry for about 6 hours before giving them a second coat of paint. Add more paint as you continue to sponge until the pot is completely covered. Painting plastic pots makes even more sense because you can customise your colours to go with your decor. I got the thinner in the same shop that I bought the paint… they keep it for cleaning the paint. Plastic is not porous, and it needs a rough surface for the paint to adhere. I painted the top band of the pot in gold to give it a neat border. In both cases I think leaving some of the pot bare so the normal evaporation can work is a good idea. Shake the can of paint and practice the spraying technique to get an even spray. The only paint that will adhere and maintain a proper finish is acrylic. Repeat as necessary until you have a smooth coat of solid paint on your planter. It'll be absolutely fine for pots, regardless of what's in them. Using these steps should help you create the perfect containers unique to your garden. Gloss - probable run-off and flaking of any paint that does adhere Let the paint dry. , Hi there! At the moment, plastic paint cans can’t widely be recycled, however your local household waste recycling centre will accept these and make sure that they’re disposed of responsibly. After letting it dry for another 6 hours or so, I placed the pots upside down. Else, it’s been more than a year now and the paint is still there. Perhaps a bit of research may come up with a more satisfactory solution. I want to paint some pots for outside gardening, do you think the oil paints will stay on the pots? Most people buy more paint than they need when they are working on a project so that they can touch-up later. I love the look of the white rails against the stained wood deck floor. The oil stays stronger. Acrylic Paint: Water based acrylic paint are made of minute particle of plastic acrylic resin suspended in water As the water evaporates the resin particles fuse together forming a strong durable paint. Landscaping a garden is a excellent opportunity to generate your perfect area. I found my set of plastic plant pots at our local Walmart. A couple of years ago I painted an old green plastic table with some B & Q's own hammerite type paint and it's still going strong even though it lives outside in all weathers. This DIY was really easy. If you don’t use the correct kind of plastic for your paint, it can disintegrate the plastic… How well does the paint stay on the pot? Try chalk paint on plastic pots for an easy makeover that you’ll love, especially if you match the paint to your home decor! Later I also used some. If you scrub your pots clean, the paint will come off. Then put a generous amount of Mod Podge on the band and gently wrap the lace on it. I have loads and loads of plants, most of them in plastic pots. Transform those ugly plastic objects into funky artwork by simply painting them! Can u please do an easy diy for decorating the entrance door ? a couple of coats of vernish is better than one. one Question – Thinner is not openly available in the markets I thought, How and from where did u get it? They are heavy, sturdy, and the fake dirt inside is solid. Easy and affordable way to beautify pots. But however, where I am may be lost.”. Once dry, you can leave it as is or add a layer of color coating over it to achieve the look of real stone, rock or stucco. There are enamel paints that are good for glass, however, those need to be baked to cure the paint. Use a fine-grit sandpaper over all surfaces and brush away the leftover grit. This can work out quite expensive if you have large planters, though. The beautiful baskets by, Took a few days… but that Christmas tree is fina, An #ARIYONAbeforeafter from our Haveli Style Livin, A Neutral Bedroom For A Young Couple – Part 1, Wallpaper Roundup – Our Favourites From Last Year, Almost Blue Living Room – Blue Door Project, Oil paints, by Asian paints, in white and gold, Thinner to clean the brushes. Pleasure This one was a plastic pot though.. I’m not sure if the acrylic paint will stay on or get scratched off easily. This week, I finally got down to it.. painting plastic pots and prettifying them. I’d use the all purpose spray paint as advised by. If you need to paint a large, flat area, such as a shed, this covers up to 50 square feet. Thanks for the idea. I have some plastic planters that I would like to freshen up by painting black. Here are planters with aqua spray paint: And here is a plastic planter with copper spray paint: Technically, you can stop here and use your newly-painted planter. Pleasure Rachel.. so glad you liked it! When we first had the deck built, I painted it with a base coat of Kilz primer and then two coats of Sherwin Williams white paint. Allow the garden pot to dry for two or more hours before adding your plants. If you’re working with new terracotta pots, you probably don’t need to do much to clean the pot.Just make sure it’s free of dirt and debris. Unlike terracotta pots, these smooth plastic pots don’t hold the paint too easily. Log in or register to join the conversation. . At B&Q, we currently support a pilot scheme to introduce recycling for these containers, so that hopefully all plastic paint pots can be recycled in the future. Thank u! . If you use the sponge, moisten it with water first, squeeze the excess water from the sponge and blot it well. Mar 19, 2012 - painted plastic pots to add some color to your deck or patio by KariB on Indulgy.com. ... how blooming sad is that) if you coat your plastic pots in pva glue before painting, the paint lasts longer and goes on better. Or use a different colour for the drip on each pot and you’ll have a set of rainbow pots! That drip, for instance would look just as pretty in a pastel blue or a bright pink. I don't think this is a good idea from the plant perspective. “I am not lost, for I know where I am. I’m an Interior Designer, stylist and blogger. But I also have so many plastic pots lying around. I started out by giving a coat of white paint to the main body of the pot, leaving the top and bottom as is because I wanted those in gold. I have been looking for ideas to beautify the plastic pots! Paint the plastic garden pot with your favorite latex paint. I also painted the entire bottom gold to match the drips. you can always re paint and varnish though. Add another coat of Mod Podge to the lace from the top too, to seal it in well and protect it from water. Thanks Brindha.. Perhaps you mean “what is the difference between an acrylic emulsion and acrylic paint?” Emulsion is used to describe the polymer or plastic as small particles suspended in a vehicle (like water). Wearing goggles or a face mask is recommended. The only paint that will adhere and maintain a proper finish is acrylic. Painting plastic pots makes even more sense because you can customise your colours to go with your decor. Yes, please do.. and let me know how it goes! Step 3: Remove painter’s tape Or use a different colour for the drip on each pot and you’ll have a set of rainbow pots! I wanted to paint the top band in gold and didn’t want the paint to spread on to the white body. Will definitely work on that Krishna.. it’s a great idea.. thank you! I’m Rittika. Here’s a short synopsis of the entire process in video form. Dip the tip of the brush in gold paint and squeeze it against the bottom of the pot. Particularly if its for anything edible like herbs. The preparation phase is one of the most important parts of the job if you want the paint to last. If you use the Americana Outdoor Living paint, like I did, you will want to give your pots a good 2 or 3 coats. Mar 19, 2012 - painted plastic pots to add some color to your deck or patio by KariB on Indulgy.com. This can work out quite expensive if you have large planters, though. That drip, for instance would look just as pretty in a pastel blue or a bright pink. A paint and primer in one can, Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover can cover more square feet than most of its counterparts. Hope you enjoyed that, and let me know what you think in the comments below. It peeled a bit after a while but if you give them a light sand first the paint will hold on better. Make sure it’s totally dry, then give it a couple coats of Thompson’s Water Seal aerosol spray on the inside and out. Thanks Binda! So let each coat dry well and use two coats everywhere (except the drip) so it doesn’t scratch off easily. Explore. I've used masonry paint for a big pot next to a stone wall, it worked fine, has lasted over 10 years and I've used paint for outdoor plastic which started flaking after about 7 years. How to paint a faux stone look on a plastic flower pot using Tommy Art paint. I generally do 3 coats and get really good results with that, like with my DIY Water Fountain in which I used these same paints. So if you are going to paint, you would need to stop a couple of inches below the rim on the outside of the cup. I used a brush because I used a couple of different shades and swirled it together for a textured look. Paint your pots. It’s the surroundings you reside in and this is the reason why this guidebook https://tr.im/vPaNd is created so you can make the excellent backyard.. I have a few ceramic pots in pretty colours and designs and I could go and buy some more. i`ve done loads. Therefore, storing it correctly is important. Thanks Krishna! Continue the gold paint over the rim and about an inch or two on the inside too, so that the edge doesn’t show up as black. Use a variety of different colors that you like and apply the paint with narrow or wide brushes. Can use acrylic paints on earthen pots. Wrap the lace around the pot and cut it to length. Can we use acrylic paint instead of oil paint? After that first coat is dry, give your plastic planter another light coat of spray paint. Each one is $5 and I love the quality. Hope this helps Xx. If you are going to paint a ceramic pot the first thing you should do is to plug the clay pores so that … If you’ve been visiting here regularly, by now you know how much I love plants. Mar 19, 2012 - painted plastic pots to add some color to your deck or patio by KariB on Indulgy.com. This is such a cool Diy …Will definitely try. You also need to use the right products to ensure they stick well to plastic without bubbling or peeling off after application.